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Click  on  the  Pink  Link  above  and  go  straight  to  my  mini  booking  site  that  makes  it  super  easy  and  streamlined  for  you  to  make  your  appointment  for  some  Hair  Love ,  Lash  Love ,  Microblading,  or  simply  a  Consultation.    So  what  are  you  waiting  for?    Gotta  show  up  for  the  Glow  up  baby...BOOK  IT!


Safety and Sanitation Precautions

Additional Information

  • Please do not come to your appointment if you aren’t feeling well, have any symptoms, or have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

  • Please bring a face mask that  attaches  behind  the  ears ,  to  be  worn  during  your  services.  

  • Please  text  me  when you arrive if you do not see me waiting for you at the door.

  • Please limit the personal belongings you bring inside with you.
  • Please do not bring children or pets with you to your appointment unless a parent/child appointment has been previously arranged.
  • I will ask you to wash your hands immediately upon arrival.

  • Hand sanitizer is provided.

  • I am taking extra precautions and leaving time between each client to clean every surface and tool used including the bathroom.  Keeping you all and myself safe is my priority.  I appreciate your patience if you have to wait a little longer to get in for an appointment than you would prefer, but we must adapt to our new “pretty clinical” situation.  

Pink face mask