fancy face

Beauty line exclusively for Studio Smoke and Mirrors

Exclusive to Studio Smoke and Mirrors, fancy face is my own hand crafted line of beauty products made with love from me to you.
The idea is to keep things simplified in a busy Glow-Getters life. I wanted to help take the mystery and anxiety out of some of my favorite beauty products, as well as  simplifying the ingredients list. 

“The Goods”



Whiplash is an eyelash and brow growth serum specially formulated to lengthen, strengthen, and thicken your natural lashes and brows. Hormone free and Vegan. Non-irritating and safe for eyelash extensions.


Rose Quartz Face Mist

A refreshing and calming face mist made with real Rose Quartz Stones,   Rose  essential oil, and  Marula  oil.  The  scent  is  intoxicating,  and  this  feel  good,  zen  inducing “Love  Stone”  face  mist  will have  you  spraying  away  all  day!  



A shimmering makeup setting spray to lock your makeup in place all day long. Add that elusive dewy glow with this spray over your makeup or bare face. 

One drop of these super concentrated

Radiance Highlighter Drops

One drop of these super concentrated highlighter drops is all you need to light up your face in just the right places. Say hello to FLICKER, TOASTED, FLASH, SPARK, and MELT.


Rose Hibiscus Lash Bath

Keep  your  lashes  clean  and  have  better  eyelash  extension retention with  this  super  gentle  foaming  cleanser.  Lovely  lashes  starts  with  clean  healthy lashes!



6  Moisture  filled,  non-sticky,  sheer   and  totally  wearable  shades  everyone will  love!